Who said San Francisco has lost its soul and is not as playful as it used to be? Not the Folsom Street Fair organizers getting ready for its 35th edition! This year the Folsom Street Fair will have a slightly different flavor and will be named MEGAHOOD2021. Megahood was the origianl name of the event when it started in 1984.

If a city like San Francisco can host such a street event on a Sunday, right in the middle of town, it’s just because San Francisco is not your ordinary city!

Guessing that you have never been, here are four basics:

Rule #1 – Attend with an open mind; you will face surprising situations that might challenge your sang-froid.

Rule #2 – Do not go with kids!! This is a +18 Y/O-only event. This is a hard rule!

Rule #3 – No need to dress up or undress in a particular manner. Go as you feel like to go and if you are ready for the leather bondage outfit, do not hesitate, you will look like so many others.

Rule #4 – Even if you intend to go naked, take a purse, or a credit card as you want to support the cause; Folsom Street Fair is a non-profit that gives back to various San Francisco Bay area-based and national charities.
The organization raises about 300K$ every year between individual donations ($10-15) and profit from the different bars. Go naked but be a do-gooder for the day.

In addition to these rules, sanitary rules are obviously added this year and Megahood2021 will be following all city, state, and county COVID-19 restrictions.
More info here

Their mission (in their own words) is to create world-class leather and fetish events that unite the adult alternative lifestyle communities with safe venues for self-expression and exciting entertainment.  “We value sexual freedom, diversity, and volunteerism. All of our events are adult-oriented, sex-positive fetish events”.

folsom street fair 2021

If you feel like to understand better where Folsom Street Fair takes its roots, remember that San Francisco is a harbor… For a full story, check Wikipedia or the Folsom Street Fair site.

Folsom Street Fair is the 2nd largest street event in the City after the San Francisco Pride.

Happy Sunday!

Date: Sunday, September 26th, 2021
Where: On Folsom Street between 8th and 13thst

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