The play “Lorsque Françoise parait” will be performed at the Théatre du Lycée Français San Francisco on January 12 & 13, 2022, with Sophie Forte in the main role. It gives us a good insight into the life of this pioneer.

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Born before World War I, at a time when women had a clear future that ranged from motherhood to taking care of their home, this precocious child decided to become a “Médecin d’Education“, a term she coined while she was only eight years old.

She, who got raised in a conservative family, thought that “Parents have to be trained … parents do not understand children”.

The play, written and directed by Eric Bu, covers the life of Dolto from the age of 8 to 79 and introduces us in turn to a gifted child, a free, combative adult woman endowed with rare energy, and an elderly lady who at the dawn of her life, has lost none of her playfulness.

Wanting to get rid of the rules imposed by the very coded environment in which she had grown up, Dolto built herself by declaring “I want to be free in my life” and not be dependent on a man.

She will become a woman open to the world, full of humor, and will prove to be a great communicator. She was the first to speak about the education of children on a radio show in the 50s and then on television in the 70s!

Yet life had not spoiled her. Coming from a very Catholic bourgeois family, she was raised by a mentally unstable mother, an instability reinforced by the loss of her eldest daughter. Little Françoise then found herself in an untenable position and became her mother’s scapegoat, which made her guilty of being alive. She was the child who had stolen the place of her older sister so loved by her mother.

Endowed with a rare intelligence and an extraordinary sensitivity, she did not blame her mother, she made allowances; she understood that the woman who was hard on her did not blame her directly. Her mother was only in pain and sick.

Psychoanalysis was a determining factor in the reconstruction of Dolto in her adult age.

Bande-annonce – Dolto, Lorsque Françoise paraît from Atelier Théâtre Actuel on Vimeo.

Adresse : Théâtre du Lycée Français de San Francisco
Date et heure : les 12 & 13 janvier 2023 à 19h30
Billets : en vente ici


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