From March 28th to May 18th, 2019, the Galerie 836M gives us the opportunity to look at the world with a critical but benevolent eye, presenting RE-ENGINEERING HUMANITY, an exhibition curated by Lady PheOnix.

For the occasion, Lady PheOnix has brought together many contemporary artists from a variety of backgrounds to make us reflect on the evolution of society and respect for differences. It is the emergence of new technologies in our lives, especially augmented reality and artificial intelligence that should trigger this phenomenon of introspection. When asked the question “how can each of us participate in this realization”, she answers very humbly “you are a piece of code, up to you to debug the world”. With this process of openness to others, the collective was formed to offer us visual experiences out of the ordinary.

The Glitch Goddess de Marjan Moghaddam, an awesome augmented reality.

The list of works and artists currently exposed:
– Breaking News (2018) by Australian comic book artist, writer, and interactive designer Sutu;
– Identity (2018), a video installation by London-based electronica and techno producer Max Cooper with animation by Eugene Pylinsky;
– The Universal Declaration of Human Rights with San Francisco Girls Chorus from QUANTOPIA: The Evolution of the Internet (2019), a video installation presented by Paul D. Miller (DJ Spooky);
– Glitch Goddess of Art Basel Miami with Digital Tumultum (2019) by award-winning digital artist and animator Marjan Moghaddam;
– Pray For Me II (2019) by net artist, curator, and founder of the FELT collective Mark “Digital” Sabb;
– Evanescence (2018) by award-winning, world-renowned media artist John Sanborn;
– Untitled (#thisisamerica) (2019), a collaborative work by Lady PheOnix and New York-based visual artist Anthony Akinbola;
– Sit Down. Be Humble (2018) by Los Angeles-based artist Samira Sidroos.

Composed of a large number of perspectives that demonstrate current societal dissonances, the exhibition will take three different forms:
– an exhibition at Galerie 836M
– a series of events open to the public
– and an interactive catalog.

The whole thing takes place over six months, in two phases but Lady PheOnix did not want to lift the veil on phase 2. We only know that it will focus on on computational works made with artificial intelligence.

The 836M gallery is a gallery like no other, since it is for philanthropic purposes.
Thanks to Julie and Seb Lépinard for this exhibition which once again, allows us to think outside the box.


Address – 836 Montgomery St – San Francisco, CA 94133
Hours – Monday – Friday – 12am to 6pm

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