Second Tour” is a French dark comedy directed by Albert Dupontel, marking his 9th movie as a director.

Released in 2023, Second Tour, whose idea originated after watching a documentary about Robert Kennedy’s presidential campaign in 1968, features Pierre-Henry Mercier (played by Dupontel himself) as a candidate for the French presidency. Impressed by Kennedy’s powerful and sincere improvised political speech, Dupontel envisioned a fable around a fictional character, Pierre-Henry Mercier, who hides his true political and social intentions. Having stood out in the first round of elections, he prepares for the second round two weeks later.

This unconventional candidate, a political novice and heir to an influential French family, catches the attention of Miss Pove (Cécile de France) and Gus (Nicolas Marié), both journalists. Miss Pove, once a renowned political journalist but now relegated to the sports section, is offered the opportunity to cover the ongoing presidential campaign. Intrigued by this candidate whom she knew in a different light in the past, she embarks on an investigation as surprising as it is exhilarating


Movie in French with English subtitles – Presented by French Premiere

Dates and locations:

May 22 at 7pm: Palo Alto – Landmarks Aquarius 430 Emerson Street Palo Alto
Tickets here

May 23 at 7pm: San Francisco – Four Star theatre – 2200 Clement Street San Francisco
Tickets here 

May 29 at 7pm: Oakland – Landmark’s Piedmont Theatre, 4186 Piedmont Avenue #5133 Oakland, CA 94611
Tickets here


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