The film “The Goldman Case” by Cédric Kahn is a judicial drama set in November 1975. It follows the second trial of Pierre Goldman, a far-left activist sentenced to life imprisonment for four armed robberies, including one that resulted in the deaths of two pharmacists. Goldman proclaims his innocence in this last case and quickly becomes an icon of the intellectual left. Georges Kiejman, a young lawyer, defends him, but their relationship quickly deteriorates. The film explores the complexity of delivering justice and the power of language in the arena of a trial.

Cédric Kahn discovered Pierre Goldman about fifteen years ago through his book “Obscure Memories of a Polish Jew Born in France.” He was struck by Goldman’s extraordinary language and decided to make a film about his trial. The film is not a biopic but focuses on the trial itself. Kahn worked with screenwriter Nathalie Herzberg to reconstruct the trial from period documents. The dialogues are faithful to the trial minutes, although some liberties were taken. The film aims to immerse the viewer in the role of a juror and allow them to form their own opinion on Goldman’s innocence or guilt.

Actor Arieh Worthalter was praised for his performance as Pierre Goldman. He also won the César for Best Actor in 2024 for his powerful and nuanced portrayal of Goldman’s complex character.

So, “The Goldman Trial” is an exciting film that immerses us in the tense and conflictual atmosphere of the 70s, reliving the heated debates and spectacular twists of this extraordinary trial, questioning the complexity of delivering justice, and inviting us to form our own opinion on Pierre Goldman’s guilt or innocence.

Date: Thursday, April 25, 2024 at 7 pm
Address: 4 Star Theater – 2200 Clement Street, San Francisco
Click here for tickets

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