Killian Guillotin, a passionate pastry chef from Brittany, has made his way to San Francisco, where he showcases his talent at Gary Danko, one of California’s oldest Michelin-starred restaurants. He welcomed us on a Tuesday, the restaurant’s closing day, to taste his desserts . It is worth noting that at Gary Danko, you can opt for the “5-course” menu and only order desserts!!

Between delightful bites, Killian shared his journey with us. His path reflects rigorous training and diverse experiences that have enriched his expertise in high-end pastry.

Originally from Rieux, Killian began his pastry training before honing his skills in Vannes and Nantes, then venturing abroad. His journey took him to London, where he spent six years in prestigious establishments such as The Square, crossing paths with the renowned chef Phil Howard.

During this time, he witnessed the evolution of the pastry scene, where pastry chefs were emerging as prominent figures, akin to culinary chefs.

In London, Killian also proved himself at the Shangri-La, where he rose through the ranks to become a pastry sous-chef under the guidance of chef Benoît Defait. This experience allowed him to deepen his skills while working alongside high-level professionals.

Influenced by his baker brother in Brittany, Killian discovered his passion for pastry at a young age. His creations, infused with his Breton roots, reflect a harmonious blend of French classics and flavors from his native region, such as salted butter caramel and buckwheat.

His mission at Gary Danko demonstrates his commitment to excellence and his ability to blend diverse influences to create innovative and refined desserts.

As for his future ambitions, Killian aspires to become a pastry chef in a large hotel in the United States, where he can leave his mark on the entire culinary experience of the establishment. Drawing from his experience at the Shangri-La in London, where he thrived in a dynamic and passionate team, he seeks a similar work environment. His stint in various culinary settings has also equipped him with management skills, particularly in communication and team management.

But for now, settled in San Francisco, Killian brings his pastry expertise to Gary Danko restaurant. His goal is to modify certain aspects of the dessert menu while respecting the restaurant’s identity and heritage. Since his arrival, his presence has infused a new dynamic into Gary Danko’s dessert menu, while preserving the culinary excellence established for over two decades.

Among his recent creations, Killian mentions the exotic pavlova, a combination of tropical flavors such as mango and passion fruit. He also talks about his profiteroles, which he cleverly adapted with a crispy base (“craquelin“) to add texture to the choux pastry.

These creations demonstrates his ability to merge French influences with exotic ingredients, thus creating innovative and refined desserts.

Inspired by great pastry chefs such as Philippe Conticini, Killian Guillotin embodies the marriage of professionalism, passion, and ambition in the pastry domain. His international journey and constant desire for improvement make him a pastry chef to watch, ready to tackle new challenges and leave his mark on the culinary world.

Merci Killian!


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