La Semaine de la Francophonie takes place in March, with a series of cultural events to celebrate the French language.

Here’s an overview of the initiatives planned in the Bay Area:

Organized by the PIAFF association, Artmosphère is a multi-site festival celebrating French-speaking cultures through a variety of artistic forms, including visual arts, music, theater, dance and film. In partnership with consulates, schools and cultural organizations, the festival runs from March 15 to 17 in Berkeley, San Francisco and Palo Alto, highlighting French-speaking talent, encouraging exchange and presenting art as a bridge between cultural differences, embodying the spirit of unity in diversity. Reserve your tickets now.

To celebrate the opening of its future museum dedicated to French history in California, the Alliance Française de San Francisco is launching a series of lectures devoted to the lives of women pioneers of the California gold rush.

In the presence of its director François Gaillard, come and discover the fiction-documentary “Marie Suize Pantalon : itinéraire d’une pionnière” at the Alliance Française de San Francisco for a unique cinematic experience. Backed by renowned historians, this film plunges into the extraordinary life of Marie Suize Pantalon, a gold prospector from Savoy in California and a pioneer of feminism in prospector America. Applauded on France3 and PBS in the USA, this self-produced film offers a captivating vision of the history of the fight against sexist conformism.

At the time of the Gold Rush, women travel writers were largely in the minority, but Nirina is giving them a new voice on the occasion of Women’s Day. By discovering their singular pens, you’ll enter into little-known female perspectives on the lives of nineteenth-century Californians.

Her recent essay “En Californie, les Français écrivent leur ruée vers l’or” (In California, the French write their gold rush) offers a literary panorama of travelogues by writer-travelers, men and women from the Old Continent who set off to the Far West to reinvent their lives. By studying these travel diaries and correspondence, Nirina has been able to analyze the origins of the great American myths. She has also highlighted the birth of what she calls the French “literary western”, a hybrid literary genre that rehabilitates the figure of the native from the time of the stampede.

Do not miss this celebration of French language and culture in March!


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