La Syndicaliste, a compelling thriller featuring Isabelle Huppert, delves into the real-life saga of whistleblower Maureen Kearney.

Set against the backdrop of nuclear power and political corruption, it chronicles Maureen’s courageous journey as she exposes clandestine dealings that rocked the French nuclear industry. Despite facing formidable adversaries, including government officials and industry titans, Maureen relentlessly fights to uncover the truth and safeguard countless jobs.

However, her quest takes a dark turn when she becomes the victim of a violent sexual assault, prompting a shift in perception from authorities who now view her as a suspect rather than a victim. With her reputation under scrutiny and surrounded by enemies, Maureen must battle to vindicate herself in a world where trust is scarce.

Date: from February 2nd to Feb 8, 2024
Address: Roxie Theater – 3215  16th street – San Francisco
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