With the return of rainy and cold days, the raclette season continues! Whether in cheese shops or pre-cut in supermarkets, raclette is easily available throughout the Bay Area. We have partnered with La Fromagerie to gift you a Raclette Party for 4 -6 raclette fans!! * (click on the image to enter)

Below is the up-to-date list of places where you can find raclette right now:

La Fromagerie – San Francisco’s beloved French cheese shops sell Raclette de Savoie and complete raclette party kits at these 4 retail locations, among their delicious assortment of international cheeses, freshly baked bread, sandwiches, salads, charcuterie boards and wines for pairing:
La Fromagerie du Dogpatch, 2425 3rd Street, San Francisco
The Fromagerie de Chestnut, 2260 Chestnut street, San Francisco
The Fromagerie de SoMa, 100 First Street (Entrance on Mission st.), San Francisco
The Fromagerie de Montgomery, 101 Montgomery Street, San Francisco
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Cheese Boutique
A local mom & pop shop where you will find cheese and charcuterie in the Glen Park neighborhood. You can rent out the raclette device for the night. The owner speaks French
660 Chenery St- San Francisco
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Say Cheese
Say Cheese on Cole Street sells two types of raclette: French, and American from Vermont. You can order by phone and they will prepare it in individual slices, and you can rent out the Raclette device for the night.
Say Cheese – 856 Cole Street, San Francisco –
To order (415) 665-5020

Mollie Stone’s Market San Francisco – French raclette, also available on Instacart
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Berkeley Bowl – Carries only French Raclette
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Draeger’s Supermarket – They carry French and Swiss raclette cheese. You will find their stores in Menlo Park, San Mateo, Los Altos, and Danville.
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Sigona’s farmer market
Raclette imported from Switzerland in this farmer market of Redwood City
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Zanotto’s – They carry Swiss raclette in their multiple locations
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Frenchery – Swiss pre-sliced raclette and also a frozen pre-sliced box delivered to your door. Delivery fees depend on the amount of the order.
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Whole Foods
Most Wholefood supermarkets now carry raclette by the slice.
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In this supermarket, you can find a raclette in the self-service cheese section. It is then up to you to cut it.
Two addresses in San Francisco, are 1200 Irving St, and 375 32nd Ave.
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Gourmet Corner
Swiss sliced raclette Mifroma to be found in this French product store in San Mateo
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Swiss sliced raclette Mifroma to be bought online or in the stores of the bay.
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Trader Joe’s – It’s a seasonal product at Trader Joe’s. Packaged pre-sliced, and well-conditioned, this is a convenient solution to travel.. the odor remains locked in…
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For charcuterie, pickles, and more, think about Fabrique Délices. Their products are available online, at Farmers’ Markets around the Bay Area, and in some retail shops.

Matterhorn Restaurant 

matterhorn raclette sfOpened in 2019  and now under new ownership, the Matterhorn Restaurant is a good address for a ready-made solution! This restaurant in a Swiss chalet, features a miniature train and a Gondola that you can book for 2!!  Alpine atmosphere guaranteed. Open Tuesday to Saturday from 5 pm. Raclette and fondues are a must!
Address: 2323 Van Ness Av. San Francisco.

Happy raclette!


Amélie Wine Bar: SECRET MENU!! If you go to Amélie Wine Bar and crave raclette, you won’t find it on the menu… but just ask, and you’ll be served a plate of raclette with charcuterie and potatoes!! Try it before the en of the rainy season!

* giveaway includes 1.5lb Raclette cheese Cow’s milk , 1.5lb Morbier Cow’s milk , 0.5lb Local Dry Coppa with black pepper, 0.5lb Prosciutto Di Parma from Italy, 0.5lb Local Rosemary Ham , Cornichons French Pickles (11oz) . To be picked up in San Francisco


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