The French movie Driving Madeleine is now playing in the Bay Area since January 19th in multiple theaters.

“Driving Madeleine” is a heartfelt meditation on life that unfolds during a seemingly simple taxi ride across Paris. The story revolves around Charles, a frustrated taxi driver played by Dany Boon, and Madeleine, a 92-year-old woman portrayed by Line Renaud, who is moving into a nursing home. The journey takes unexpected turns as Madeleine requests stops at significant locations from her past, making it a poignant exploration of their lives. Boon, known for his comedic work, delivers a dramatic portrait of a man facing a personal crisis, while Renaud shines as the pure shimmering light that is Madeleine.

Director Christian Carion, in an interview, expressed his connection to the script, stating, “We are all faced with this question one day: what will happen to our parents when they get old?”

The film explores themes of aging, memories, and the unexpected connections formed during life’s journeys. Boon and Renaud‘s real-life friendship adds authenticity to their on-screen chemistry, and the innovative technical process used to shoot the cab scenes in a studio showcases Carion’s commitment to storytelling challenges.

Overall, “Driving Madeleine” offers a cinematic experience, blending drama, humor, and poignant reflections on life’s twists and turns

Dates : starting January 19th,  1 2024 dans plusieurs cinémas
San Francisco :  Opera Plaza Cinemas 4 – San Francisco  – Tickets here
Orinda TheaterTickets here
Smith Rafael Film Center
– 1118 Fourth Street -San Rafael – Tickets here
Napa & Petaluma : opening soon, click here to learn more
Movie in French with English subtitles 


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