Koji-based foie gras, a vegan alternative to traditional foie gras, is landing on shelves, and on our dinner tables, this holiday season.

Plant-based alternatives to meats have been on the rise in recent years, and vegan charcuterie and foie gras are the latest category to be hit by the movement. It’s one of the hottest trends in food, and this holiday season, consumers will have more choices than ever to delight their palates with plant-based alternatives to meat-based charcuterie.

Vegan foie gras (“Faux Gras”) aims to replicate the flavor and texture of traditional foie gras without the use of animal products and with less environmental costs than animal protein.

Foie gras is for some a controversial delicacy made from the liver of ducks or geese that have been fed a high-calorie diet through a traditional production method, leading to a growing trend towards more sustainable versions of foie gras.

The leading provider of artisanal French charcuterie in the Bay Area, Fabrique Délices, has decided to ride the plant-based innovation wave and meet the growing demand for vegan delicacies with the launch of a line of vegan charcuterie products that is sure to surprise and delight many palates.

Thanks to a partnership with Berkeley-based Prime Roots, a vegan brand producing koji-based alternative meats, Fabrique Délices is creating and distributing a line of fungi-based koji-pâtés and koji-foie gras for foodservice. Already available in wholesale, the delicacies are hitting retail shelves across the Bay Area this December, just in time for year-end festivities.

Sébastien Espinasse, president and founder of Fabrique Délices, expressed his enthusiasm over the launch, “We’re excited to introduce traditional French delicacies like pâté and foie gras to plant-based consumers. Partnering with the pioneer of koji-based products, Prime Roots, allows us to take an innovative and sustainable approach to developing plant-based products.”

The Koji-Foie Gras is crafted using the (not-so) secret ingredient known as Koji, the long and fibrous roots of mushrooms that resemble meat muscle fibers under a microscope. Koji plant-based protein is known to replicate the umami taste and texture of meat and also used in foods such as soy sauce and miso. Koji, along with coconut oil and pea protein, contributes to the smooth and buttery texture of this vegan foie gras.

Koji-Foie Gras already received recognition at the Natural Products Expo East, receiving an editors’ choice ‘Nexty’ award for its ingenuity.

A big highlight of this collaboration is the introduction of the only legally approved plant-based foie gras permitted for service in California’s restaurants, tackling ethical and environmental issues associated with the conventional production of foie gras.

The Fabrique Délices & Prime Roots collection includes plant-based Koji-Pâtés with Black Truffle and Harvest Apple flavors, along with the velvety Koji-Foie Gras. You can find the Bay Area locations selling these delicacies on this store locator.

Developed in partnership with Michelin Star chefs, these innovative creations provide a cruelty-free substitute for traditional pâtés and foie gras, featuring a taste and texture that the company claims are nearly identical to the originals.

Will Koji-Foie Gras and Koji-Pâté make their debut on your charcuterie board this Holiday Season?

Bon appétit!


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