Botticelli Drawings marks a historic milestone as the first-ever exhibition exclusively dedicated to the drawings of the Renaissance maestro, Sandro Botticelli (ca. 1445 – 1510). Delving into the pivotal role that drawing played in shaping Botticelli’s artistic trajectory, the exhibition meticulously traces his journey—from his tutelage under the master Fra Filippo Lippi (c. 1406 – 1469) to his leadership of a flourishing workshop in Florence.

Curated by Furio Rinaldi, an expert on 15th- and 16th-century Italian drawings, the exhibition showcases rarely seen and newly attributed works andoffers a profound glimpse into the design practices of an artist synonymous with the Italian Renaissance. Botticelli’s Drawings provide an intimate perspective into the creation of some of his most iconic masterpieces, including the unfinished Adoration of the Magi (c. 1500), which will be presented alongside three surviving preparatory drawings, allowing unprecedented understanding of how the figures were placed in the composition

Spanning from Botticelli’s earliest recorded sketches to expressive designs for his final paintings, the exhibited works unveil the artist’s experimental drawing techniques, his pursuit of ideal beauty, and his mastery of line.

After visiting the exhibition—whose rooms are named Prelude, Grace, Rhythm, Discord, aiming to evoke a sense of flow reminiscent of music—you can delve further into the subject by watching the replay of the 3-hour symposium held on November 19, gathering scholars, curators, and academics to discuss the art and design processes of Sandro Botticelli.

Dates: Nov 2023 – Feb. 11th, 2024
Adress: Legion of Honor Museum – Lincoln Park -100 34th Avenue – San Francisco,
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