When you go to see a play that has won the Molière for Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Private Theatre Show and Best Direction, you are almost afraid of being a little disappointed. Well, rest assured, we came away from this magnificent performance shaken but not sad at all.

The storyline may be a little apprehensive, as Alzheimer’s disease is not exactly a laughing matter. But the treatment of this sensitive subject is as humorous as it is loving.

Oublie-moi is first and foremost the beautiful story of a couple forming before our very eyes, told with a great deal of humor, a healthy dose of self-mockery, tenderness, and last but not least, a great deal of love. But the play also tells the story of the space that illness is slowly taking, and the central role of the caregiver, who gives up nothing because feelings are stronger than the desease.

In a nutshell, this play, in which music and light play a major role, is lively and joyful, without a minute of tearful pathos.

From the very first scenes, you are  there with them, laughing and letting yourself be carried away by the adapted text by British author Matthew Sieger. The staging by actors Marie Julie Baup and Thierry Lopez is well-paced and brilliantly performed.

Don’t hesitate to go along, and maybe you’ll see life as they do.

A year-end gift idea?

Date: Thursday, January 11th & Friday, January 12th, 2024, at 7:30 PM
Address: TLF, 1201 Ortega St, San Francisco
Buy your tickets here

Thank you, TLF San Francisco!


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