The world of chocolate is a realm rich in flavors, creativity, and passion. Kathleen Molière has brought her expertise to serve at One65.

One65 is an original concept that showcases four different aspects of French culinary tradition, one on each floor: the pastry shop, the bar, the bistro, and a gourmet restaurant, O´. All of these establishments are under the leadership of the Michelin-starred chef Claude Le Tohic, a French Master Chef and James Beard Foundation Award winner.

Kathleen was discovered by Chef Claude Le Tohic during her studies in France and her participation in the WorldSkills competition, an international contest that allows young talents from around the world to showcase their skills.

Armed with these experiences, Kathleen arrived in San Francisco in December 2021. Her decision was strongly influenced by the opportunity to work under pastry chef Clément Goyffon, the World Champion of the International Catering Cup.
She handcrafts all the chocolates sold at the pastry shop and all the decorative pieces for the cakes served in the various restaurants.

Kathleen’s move to San Francisco was an opportunity for her to blend the best practices of French chocolatiers with American trends. She maintained her commitment to quality ingredients, preserving the natural flavors of cocoa, and the meticulous craftsmanship that French chocolatiers are renowned for.

In contrast, in the United States, Kathleen noticed a greater openness to innovation and creativity. Americans are known for their appreciation of bold flavors and unexpected combinations. This encouraged Kathleen to experiment more, leading to creations like her S’mores chocolates and Cookie ‘n Cream, which have become bestsellers.She had to adapt all her recipes to cater to the sweeter palate of San Francisco’s cosmopolitan community and to cope with the city’s humidity, which makes chocolate work much more delicate:  “I had to install hygrometers on all the building’s floors because even between the 2nd floor, where my workshop is, and the restaurant floors, the humidity levels vary,” she says.

One advantage Kathleen sees in working in the United States is the lack of competition. Pastry and chocolate schools outside of France are private institutions like Ferrandi or Le Cordon Bleu. Therefore, there are far fewer people trying their 

luck. It’s easier for a young artisan to make a name for themselves in San Francisco.

Chocolate Truffles by Kathleen Molière


With the support of her team, she continues to improve and has recently been promoted to the position of head chocolatier, which will allow her to train others.

With the approaching Holiday season, Kathleen has agreed to share one of her signature recipes, the chocolate truffle, an essential confection for our year-end celebrations







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