In TINT Gallery’s Fall exhibition “Dual Natures”, sculptor Marie Barthès, based in Paris, France, and painter Magaly Sánchez, from Lima, Peru, express the dualities they find in nature through their respective media: leather & brass, acrylic on canvas. Order and disorder, softness and roughness, the manmade and the natural. All stems from the smallest cells. Starting from the same themes and observations, Barthès’ and Sánchez’s works diverge from there, ultimately expressing their individual natures as artists.

Using traditional tools that date back to XVIII century furniture making, Barthès creates works that are hybrids, part sculpture, part object, somewhere between art and function. Mirrors are more than a simple reflection of the person who stands in front of it. They multiply forms and deform them; they reflect our faces, the places we inhabit; they fall in between function and art. Barthès envelops mirrors in leather that tell a different story to each observer. Depending on a person’s mood, they might see the softness of the leather, or a violence in its etchings, a satisfaction, or a failure. Each work is unique and open to interpretation.

All of Sánchez‘s works, whether evidently or more obscurely, inspire contemplation of order. Geometry exists in nature as well as in the manmade world and indeed in humanity’s own biology. Sánchez finds awe in this pervasive order, which seems infinite, eternal, and mysterious.

TINT showcases contemporary artists who innovate across media, spotlighting women artists in particular. We look for the unusual, the surprising, the unordinary. Our artists find unexpected ways to use common media, creating a craft of their own along the way.


Dates: October 12 – December 17, 2023
Address: TINT Gallery, 149 Gough Street, San Francisco, CA 94102


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