Boho Petite, a French-inspired pastry shop, opened last December enhancing the delightful culinary scene in San Francisco’s Marina district.

Nestled on Chestnut Street, this pastry shop stands out with its floral storefront and tempting array of traditional French pastries and viennoiseries. Boho Petite offers Marina residents a tasting journey through France without the need for a transatlantic flight.

We have not had the chance to taste all the pastries yet, but the crispy chocolate-filled puff pastry, aka Chocolate croissant (or Pain au chocolat in French), a quintessential French classic, was deliciously well executed.

French pastry chef Clément Digani, who recently left SF, passionately trained the pastry team, ensuring that each bite evokes the flavors of French desserts.

Paris-Brest, éclairs, lemon meringue tarts – each product is meticulously prepared on-site with care and dedication, using traditional techniques. On-demand custom cakes are also available by special order.

The experience at Boho Petite extends beyond just pastries, as the adjoining café, aptly named Boho, also offers a menu with a French flair featuring quiche Lorraine, croque-monsieur/madame, and ham croissants to savor on-site or take away.

Driven by a deep love for France, the owners of Boho Petite have created a place where you can imagine yourself in France, if only for a coffee break. The fresh pastries and viennoiseries every morning are an irresistible temptation for food enthusiasts and lovers of French cuisine alike.

Boho Petite is located at 2146 Chestnut Street in San Francisco, California.
For more information and to explore their full menu, visit their website at Boho Petite

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