French-Chilean artist Cécilia Andrews presents her second exhibition, “Invisible Language”, at Municipal Bonds gallery, from July 8 to August 19. Based in Paris, Cécilia Andrews creates works on Braille paper that explore themes of humanity, language and perception.

Inspired by Arte Povera, the 1960s Italian art movement using unconventional materials, Cécilia Andrews creates collages, drawings and installations that are distinguished by the interaction between the materials and the message they convey. Her abstract portraits, made from a variety of contrasting papers, explore emotional, mental and physical states, seeking to express the human condition rather than represent specific individuals.

In this new exhibition, the artist extends her exploration of the human, including gestural body parts such as the head, body, arms, hands, legs and feet. She uses pages from the Grand Larousse encyclopedia in Braille, comparing the tactile nature of paper to the texture of skin. Her compositions challenge our perception of human identity and integration.

The artist explains that braille paper evokes the skin and its pores. She uses washes of color to depict elements that appear and disappear with sharp contours and blurs, highlighting the infinite variety and individuality of each portrait and face. Her aim is to represent the human being from a general point of view, insisting on the importance of the body, often forgotten as we look at the world mainly through our ideas and intellect. Cecilia Andrews sees looking at her own body as a return to her origins, to her own map of the world.

When: July 8 to August 19, 2023
Where: Municipal Bonds / Minnesota Street Project, 1275 Minnesota St, San Francisco.
More info: click here

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