It’s all about execution! This famous Silicon Valley adage explains many successes and justifies many failures.

For Tehani too, it’s all about execution, because execution is also key to the success of a non-profit. And it’s driven by the desire to contribute to greater equality of opportunity for all that Tehani has been getting up every morning for almost 40 years.

Although originally from Tahiti, it wasn’t until the age of 10 that she made her first trip to Rangiroa (French Polynesia, Tuamotus archipelago) to visit her family. As a little girl, she marveled at the beauty of the island, of course, but she was especially revolted by the lack of playgrounds, games, and books in her cousins’ school, having grown up between Spain and Switzerland.

Since then, she has never stopped sharing, collecting, and saving to provide the schools and children of Rangiroa with school supplies and basic necessities. 

Moving to the bay area in 2019 brought her closer to her origins and her life’s mission. Tahiti, her cousins, uncles, and aunts are only a few hours flight away now. She chose Marin County over San Francisco, preferring nature to the city. After 10 years in retail, she decided to devote more of her time to others. Tireless and caring, and despite Covid’s ban on travel and gatherings, she succeeded in creating a network of women in Marin who help and support each other on a daily basis. Within 3 years, this network called Crazy Mamas had over 300 members.

In 2022, Tehani created the Tamarii de Polynésie non-profit to organize donations, share her cause, and develop more.

The objectives for 2023 -2024 are:

  • Construction of a study room to enable students to do their homework at school when they don’t have a suitable home for it.
  • Purchase of sports equipment to create PE classes. 
  • Supply of tablets and computers for classrooms.
  • Provision of school materials and more to enable development (Montessori).

To take part in this project and support the kind-hearted association Tamarii de Polynésie, follow the association’s events on social networks, which include the sale of handcrafted Tahitian products, the organization of Tahitian gourmet dinners, and of course appeals for donations…

The very next event will take place on June 9 during the Pop-Up des Parisiennes.

The Tamarii de Polynésie non-profit is more mobilized than ever.  You can contribute to the gofundme campaign

You can also contact Tehani in PM via Instagram @Tamariidepolynesie 

If you’ve already visited Tahiti or are dreaming of going there, act now. And if you’re passing through Tahiti this summer, don’t forget to mention #Tamariidepolynesie and Tehani who says ‘Maururuu Roa’, thank you very much in Tahitian.

Together for the education and future of our island students!

By Barbara Meyer

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