Everything Went Fine” is the latest film by François Ozon featuring Sophie Marceau, André Dussolier, Géraldine Pailhas, and Charlotte Rampling. Released in theaters last week in the United States, it is starting this week in San Francisco.

True to his instincts, François Ozon dared once again. He made a rather funny film about a cruel and politically charged subject: euthanasia. André (Dussollier, excellent!) is a determined octogenarian. He has led a successful life, enjoys a certain degree of power (which he also exercises over his children), and is now at a crossroads: when a stroke strikes him, he decides that his quality of life is no longer adequate and that it is time to end it. Even though he is not dying and this decision makes no sense to his family.

And here we are on a road movie from which we do not come out alive! Dussolier is jubilant with fierce intelligence: he casts an acidic eye on society and its platitudes. Sophie Marceau is adorable with her confusion and sympathy for her father. Charlotte Rampling distills her enigmatic charm. The film asks all the right questions and finely analyzes the gaping holes left by current legislation. A must-see!

Dates : April 21 -27
Address :  Landmark Opera Plaza – 601 Van Ness – San Francisco
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