Dom Juan au TLF de San Francisco end the 2022-2023’s season at TLF.

After four Academy Awards (Molières) with his play Adieu Monsieur Haffman en 2018, acclaimed director Jean-Philippe Daguerre comes back with a classic play… but with a modern adaptation that is suitable for audiences starking 9 yo.

Dom Juan is a fictional character who appears in the play “Dom Juan or The Feast of the Stone” written by Molière and published in 1665.

Dom Juan is a libertine nobleman who mocks morality and religion. He is obsessed with the pursuit of pleasure and freedom, and he seduces and abandons numerous women without remorse. His immoral behavior ultimately leads to his own destruction when the Commandeur, the father of one of his victims, comes to challenge him to a duel and kills him.

Molière’s play has been very influential in French and European culture, and the character of Dom Juan has become an archetype of the libertine and the seducer in literature and theater.

Date: Friday May 5th, 2023 at 7:30 pm
Address: TLF, 1201 Ortega St, San Francisco
Get tickets: click here (9 years old and older)

Director: Jean-Philippe Daguerre
Cast: Simon LARVARON, Teddy MELIS, Vanessa CAILHOL ou Juliette BÉHAR, Grégoire BOURBIER, Nathalie KANOUI, Charlotte RUBY, Tonio MATIAS et André-Marie MAZURE

Merci TLF in San Francisco

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