Jean Pascal Zadi was co-director, co-writer and lead actor of the film Tout Simplement Noir, released in 2020, which won him the César for Meilleur Espoir Masculin. He is currently back with the series “Represent” (En Place in French) on Netflix.

This time, Jean-Pascal Zadi is not trying to unite “black” men and protest against their under-representation in society and in the media, but he finds himself caught up in the race for the French Presidential election somewhat by chance.

Not only is he really funny, but he is also well supported by Eric Judor, his advisor, Benoit Poelvoorde, a fierce opponent and Fadily Camara, his wife… Marina Fois is perfect as an ecologist and feminist activist.

One laughs a lot at the dialogues, and the situations but this series also passes on grating messages. For example, when the actor makes a breakthrough in the polls, his communication advisor reminds him: “ We are in France here, not in the United States…“. Could a candidate of African origin win the presidential election, even if he were popular?

The 6-episode series was released on Netflx in early 2023. Let’s hope there will be a season 2 because we VOTE FOR it!

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