OMG!! Emily is in Paris for a third season, and the series will be available on Netflix on December 21st. Thank you, Santa!!

What a present to watch our sweet Emily wandering in Paris, in Provence… and being our best tourism minister. This time, she pushes the boundaries and makes it to the countryside for more than five minutes. So lovely.

Let’s face it, those unbearable characters and this unrealistic lifestyle are fully addictive, and the series is very welcome for the end-of-the-year break.

After the cliffhanger set up at Emily Paristhe very end of season 2, we will finally know:

  • if she stays with Savoir and her maniac American boss or if she joins the new company run by Sylvie, her tyrannic French boss
  • if she will keep on trotting through Paris with amazingly high heels shoes without breaking an ankle
  • if she will finally discover the metro or that there are poor people in Paris
  • and if she will stay with her English boyfriend, Alfie, or run back to the good-looking cook, Gabriel.

At watching the trailer, we can only assure you that she has a new haircut. OMG, ten episodes, we can’t wait!


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