Here is the adventure of Camille Mallet, a long-time expatriate who publishes a book of pastry recipes accessible to children entitled The Mystery of the Yellow Dragon.

This professional pastry chef, who recently moved from China to Marin County, a mother of two children, is not at her first attempt since The Mystery of the Yellow Dragon will succeed The Gourmet Adventures of Tao and Capucine (800 copies sold in a year).

To start such an adventure, you have to believe that when you’re a pastry chef, you like to tell stories, and you want to leave a trace for your children of their time spent abroad, you can create playful, bilingual books that let other children discover other cultures!

This second work, The Mystery of the Yellow Dragon, is a 56-page book intended for children from 4 to 11 years old. It will take them on a journey through seven cities in China, each of them corresponding to a dessert recipe.

The older ones will be able to make the pastry adapted to their age group, while the youngest will immerse themselves in the book’s illustrations and solve the enigmas which are hidden there: a whole program and something to keep young and old busy for several afternoons.

And as Camille has the experience of expatriation with French-speaking children, she writes her works in French and English.

As with the previous volume, Camille launched a crowdfunding campaign on KissKIss BankBank with several rewards and gifts: dedication by the author and by the illustrator, brother and sister packs, interventions in schools, and nonprofits.

So, hurry – subscribe to the Mystery of the Yellow Dragon campaign, which will end on May 14, 2022, by pre-ordering your copy of the book. It’s a lovely project, and do not hesitate to spread the word around you.

Merci Camille

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