It’s under the name of Modular Vibes California that three Frenchies and an American, all fans of electro, will hit the road on April 4 aboard a bus transformed into a recording studio for a unique adventure, heading for Soggy Lake, California.

Roadbook of a creative journey powered only by the Californian sun, the adventure will give them 4 days to compose, produce, mix and master 100% solar tracks under the lens of the film crew living onboard.

Departing on April 4, stopping at Alabama Hills, then Ridgecrest & Trona Pinnacle on the 5th, and Soggy Dry Lake on the 6th. The musical road trip will end on April 7 for a free concert in the middle of the desert.

Modular Vibes CaliforniaIf you can’t get around, follow the hashtag #ModularCaliforniaVibes and hop aboard the LAGoodvibe mobile studio with Joachim Garraud, Trovarsi, Hugo Paris and Franck Martin for a unique four-day exploration of breathtaking landscapes and original musical creations!

This experience could not take place without the support of 6AM, Moog Music Inc, Elektron, Novation, iZotope, Shakmat Modular, Track Club / Marmoset, WMD, New Systems Instruments, Emailexpert, Chauvet DJ.

To follow the accounts of the adventurers: @joachimgarraud, @hugoparismusic, @franckhlmartin, @trovarsiofficial … and of the bus: @lagoodvibecalifornia

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