For those who don’t know Silicon Carne, it’s the radio show of a French entrepreneur passionate about Tech called Carlos Diaz, which has turned into podcast series. The show addresses Tech, trends, current topics, all with a Silicon Valley imprint, of course. The show is always an excellent opportunity to discover quality guests.

This week, Carlos is offering a somewhat unique program since, given the latest events in Ukraine, he has decided to modify the programming of Silicon Carne.

NFTs ukraineHe tells us in a few words: “Last Thursday, we did not publish the episode that we had planned to broadcast on Quantum Computing after Russia decided to invade Ukraine.

This show is available in its entirety as NFTs ( You can therefore acquire it, and all the income from these NFTs will be donated in ETH directly to the government wallet in Ukraine”.

“This show’s NFT is an opportunity for the Silicon Carne community not just to listen but support the people of Ukraine directly. There are only 80 NFTs ($50 each) and again the funds are directly paid to Ukraine and do not even transit through me. This is the magic of Web3,” insists Carlos.

There is no need to have a cryptocurrency wallet to participate; everything has been planned to acquire an NFT with an ordinary credit card.

The guests of this exceptional “Guerre & Tech” program are Dominique Piotet, CEO at UNIT.City and Yann Kronberg, CTO at Zazmic Inc. has decided to relay Carlos Diaz’s message to reach a wider audience who may not be familiar with Silicon Carne. We think that it is essential to react quickly.

Carlos adds: “Even Andriy, one of our developers in Ukraine, bought the NFT from the show “Guerre & Tech” while the guy doesn’t speak French.”

If you also want to contribute, do not hesitate to share the link to the NFT page .

And if you haven’t quite decided yet, here are some arguments:

  • This NFT helps Ukraine since the fruits of its sale go directly to the government’s crypto-wallet
  • By acquiring the NFT, you have a copy of the audio file of the show available for life on a decentralized server (link)
  • Buying this NFT is also taking a step into cryptos, and for many, it will be their first NFT!!
  • Anyone can buy, no need for crypto, no need for a wallet, payment by credit card works great, so no excuses!
  • We reserve a little surprise with Andriy for all NFT owners 😉

Carlos concludes: “I knew when I created that NFTs would allow podcasters to mobilize their community around their favorite show and to nurture projects together, but I didn’t think it would be the case so quickly and in such dramatic conditions”.

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