Jambon Beurre * is a podcast that approaches French citizens living in California and makes them talk about their experience and expatriation. You will discover a virologist, a navigator, a screenwriter, a seismologist, a business manager, a winemaker, and many others.

Marie-Gabrielle, the author of this series that counts already more than 10 episodes, arrived in San Francisco 18 months ago, in the heart of the pandemic.

How odd for this Parisian woman to come and live in San Francisco when she claims to be “viscerally attached to my country, to my city, to the people I love there and to my jambon beure marie gabielle baratteculture, I liked to travel for the pleasure of coming home. »

The secret lies within four-letter as she admits: “It is out of LOVE that I chose to live this expatriation adventure which I never previously really dreamt of .”

She adds “I did not understand what drives people to live so far from home, from their relatives, with a significant jet lag, in a different culture that is not so easy to comprehend. Sometimes they try to integrate and sometimes they even give up trying.

That’s exactly what I wanted to understand when I created the Jambon Beurre podcast.

What better way to live this personal adventure joyfully than to go and question my compatriots who have taken the plunge?

It is through their career, their profession, their life story that I lead the listeners in a reflection that can be universal, on the challenges that we launch ourselves, on the dreams that we pursue, on what we do with our roots, and especially how we face difficulties. Expat ’or not, life’s adventures speak to us all. And I love that their stories inspire us all to live our lives as close as possible to our aspirations.

And it’s really thanks to some of them, and living this new life, that I gradually changed my perspective on expatriation and discovered that you can have more than one home Sweet home. I do now.

At MerciSF.Com, we have decided to share her podcasts with you. You will find them on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Deezer.  We will let you know when Marie Gabrielle releases new episodes.

The podcasts are in French and are a great way to progress when you learn the language … and you can listen to it over and over! Oui oui!

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* We thought we should briefly explain what is a “Jambon Beurre” so you get the reference if you are not familiar. It is so French. It is a traditional simple sandwich made with baguette, ham (jambon de Paris), and butter (beurre). You can enter any café or brasserie in France and order a Jambon Beurre.Bon Appétit.

Merci Marie Gabrielle

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