Sponsored contentWhen looking for a preschool, the choices are many and the decision-making can seem overwhelming! You want your little one to be introduced to the world in a gentle and nurturing environment while being best prepared for tomorrow’s world. Whatever your family’s profile, whether or not you have any connection to French or the French language, we invite you to consider a unique option.


The gift of bilingualism

Let’s first talk about what science tells us. Bilingualism brings obvious benefits but also hidden ones. Children who speak two (or more) languages will be more open to the world and to others; that will help them in both their personal and professional lives. But children who are able to learn in – at least – two languages, will also be better at multitasking, problem-solving, or have a greater ability to develop empathy, according to international studies. It’s therefore not surprising that a growing number of parents are considering language immersion programs for their toddlers. 

Preschool and the importance of an early start

For more than 50 years, LFSF (Lycée Français de San Francisco) has been the first choice of many families looking to give their children the gift of bilingualism. At LFSF,  the linguistic journey can start at age 2 a time when children learn fast and through play – with la Petite Ecole, currently offered on the Sausalito campus. Its objective is to gently transition toddlers to preschool, trigger children’s natural curiosity and appetite for learning, while developing important social skills, and affirming their personality within the group. 

After La Petite Ecole, they move on to Preschool and Elementary school. LFSF has two Primary campuses: one in Sausalito, just over the Golden Gate Bridge, and one in the city, in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood. Check out our campus webpage to see which one might be best for you and take advantage of our virtual tours

French preschool San Francisco

What makes LFSF unique 

At its core, the school’s uniqueness is the high level of native French speakers in the classroom that effectively supports bilingualism. English being the language of the environment, children are more likely to be excellent French speakers if they are taught in this language but also if they can play and socialize in that language. Communicating in “Moliere’s tongue” with their native French-speaking peers is key in their learning process. The time spent at school expands beyond the classroom. LFSF offers a year-round program: during breaks, students can keep having fun together and thrive at camp. In Preschool, summer camps can also be a great introduction to the program.  

Interested in learning more?

The pandemic has impacted the admission journey and this season, our admissions process will be both hybrid and flexible to better meet your needs. You apply online and first meet with the LFSF admissions team remotely with opportunities to meet and engage with our community through various events such as our Book Fairs held on the Ashbury and Sausalito campuses (November 6th, 2021), the French Gastronomy Festival (November 13th, 2021) organized by the FACCSF on our Ortega campus (Secondary campus),  or the Winter Fair (December 5th, 2021) whipped up by our Parent Association on our Marin location. 

French school

Since most of our high-schoolers are what we call “Lifers” (they started LFSF at age 2 or 3), forming lifetime friendships in the process, our families have plenty of information to share! If you’d like to talk to some of our families, or would like to chat with our friendly admissions team, simply contact us! In the meantime, you might find our FAQ page helpful. 

French school lab

The beginning of a beautiful friendship: LFSF J’adore

Initiating a bilingual journey is a commitment as kids learn fast, but forget even faster! At LFSF, preschoolers can grow up and continue strengthening their bilingual fluency, become bicultural, and pick up one or more additional languages on the way. Their international and well-rounded profile prepares them well for colleges and universities in the U.S. of course, as well as in Canada, Europe, or anywhere in the world. Meet some of our Class of 2021 students to learn more! 

lycee francais san francisco

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