Piecing is the new exhibition at @836M, giving Apexer the time and space to piece things together. Indeed, Ricardo Richey, aka the famous street artist Apexer, will operate an open studio from October to December 2021, where he will invite fellow artists to connect and join him in a creative process. As he puts it himself, Piecing is in other words, all about connections

The connection with fellow artists

Apexer insisted on the importance of the collaborative aspect of art, and life in general and he will invite fellow artists Chad Hasegawa, Jet Martinez, Monica Calao, Paz de la Calzada to create together and reflect on the creative process.  They will, in turn, come to the studio alongside Apexer, create side by side, and discuss the experience during speaking engagements that will be streamed on different channels, sometimes live streaming.
Additionally, these street artists are all connected to @836M gallery who exhibited their work in the past: they each created a small mural on the wall dedicated to it. On a rotating basis. local artists would come and paint on a piece of wall in the office space of the gallery. A nice way for 836M to support local artists and expose their work to a new audience.

The connection between the artworks

During this open studio, Apexer will make connections between his recent and older work, thus creating new artworks connecting the past, the present, and the future. He points out the resonance between the works of the various invited artists, with the theme “Piecing”. For instance, the work of Chad Hasegawa can be viewed as geometric pieces brought together, Jet Martinez’s work is directly inspired by Mexican weaving from the region of Oaxaca… Apexer himself, influenced by his mother, will sew and stitch different pieces together.

836M ApexerThe connection with himself

In the last 8 years, Apexer spent a lot of time doing commissioned work and is happy he made this choice. But he is now ready to take the time to create work for galleries. He is eager to create some pieces he has had in mind for years involving vintage fabrics collected over the years, sewing and stitching it with previous canvas work and framing it in shadow boxes . Stay tuned. Maybe you can even commission one with the tones and patterns that you like.

The connection with the public

The open studio will be open to the public several days a week, by appointment and you will be able to come and interact with the artists. Passers-by can also connect from the outside in by looking through the extensive gallery window on Montgomery street.

Book an appointment, click here for your timed entry

Dates: from October 2021 to January 10, 2022
Address: 836 Montgomery Street, San Francisco
@836M Website

Let’s connect!

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