For once, we’ve decided to share MerciSF’s secret sauce and introduce you to Snippyly, a convenient extension for Chrome users.

We often battle against the elements of high tech, aka bugs, incompatibilities, and crazy design problems, probably just like many of you!
Crazy situations happen when there’s something on the website, the newsletter, or even a photo that doesn’t display how we want it. The only solution is to share our distress with someone who can help sort it out.

In general, as a typical user, you take a screenshot, paste it in an email or a messaging tool, and send it describing the problem with an explanation that you consider crystal clear at the time. Yet in 80% of the cases, the person who receives your note doesn’t understand what you expect from her/him.

Our tip? A small extension that you add to your Chrome extensions menu called Snippyly. It’s life-changing just because a quick drawing is better than a long speech!

Snippyly - Screenshot with no annotationTo sum up: you see something wrong on an online document in your browser, ‘Snip’ you click on Snippyly that you have installed in Chrome’s extensions menu, ‘Snip’, it takes a screenshot of the screen in question. ‘Snip’, you crop, add text, add an arrow, or blur part of the screen if you do not want your interlocutor to see all of it.

Finally, all you have to do is click on the Share button in the Snippyly interface to either:

  • Copy/edit to get a link that will let your colleague draw on your screenshot…
  • Copy/view to get a link that allows your colleague to comment with text only,
  • Generate a screenshot to paste it into another application,
  • Finally, Download your screenshot as a png file.

If you choose the option copy/edit that gives access to modifications, a collaborative workspace opens between you and your colleague just like if you were in a GoogleDrive tool. So convenient!

But why are we sharing this info with our readers?

Because this is an opportunity to tell you about Snippyly’s co-founder, Solène Oudet, a Frenchwoman who lives in San Francisco.
Oudet worked at Google for seven years where she used a similar tool on a daily basis. When she left the company, she found that this tool was sorely missed when working on new projects. So she recreated it with the help of a former colleague. Snippyly was born!

The product is available as a “freemium” on the Snippyly website with a special offer for first-time users. It works with all versions of Chrome, even the oldest. Safari and Firefox versions are under development for 2022.

Solène Oudet wants you to benefit from an introductory offer if you splurge for the paid version, with a code that gives a 50% reduction for MerciSF readers. Click on this link: and, when prompt, enter the code MerciSF.
Finally, a short video that shows you how Snippyly works. Snip!



Merci, Solène!

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