Have you ever wonder why the famous “Golden” Gate Bridge was painted red rather than gold as its name should suggest?

You are not the only one asking the question and the city of San Francisco has finally chosen to answer. The decision was recently made after discussions at the City planning committee to repaint the Golden Gate Bridge in gold.

It will visually mark the end of the very special period in which we are living, and to begin the next stages under brighter auspices. The process is expected to start this summer, last just under 3 months, and the grand opening will occur on Thanksgiving weekend.

With its two 746-foot-tall towers and miles of cables, it will take around 12,000 gallons of weatherproof paint to complete the project.

In addition, some gold leaf will be applied to the upper part of the towers to give them a brilliant shine. A team of gilding specialists from the Compagnons de France, accompanied by two gilding specialists from Versailles will use their world-renowned expertise.

So get your cameras ready for the new look of San Francisco’s most famous bridge. Covid permitting, a special celebration is planned featuring a reunion performance by French band Gold.

So, San Francisco’s most famous landmark will change, and change for the best.

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