Put on your best outfit and go to the Church of 8 Wheels for a roller disco party!

This 100-year-old church has been taken over by the band of “disco rollers” that can be seen every Sunday in Golden Gate Park. Led by the incredible MC in the slap hat and the furry gaiters David Miles known as “the godfather”, the troupe is a true local San Francisco attraction, a landmark even. We love to stop and watch them with their costumes/characters.

When they are not at the Golden Gate Park they are at the “Church of 8 wheels”, run by David Miles, his wife Rose, and their children: it is a family business.! At the Church we roller disco1the soundtrack is the same as in the Golden Gate Park: funk, soul, vintage, and also the latest groovy sounds.

The atmosphere is very “roller disco”, you can rent skates on site or come with your own. For beginners, there is always a good soul to teach you the basics.

In the current sanitary conditions, note that the sessions take place in groups of 20 people maximum until we go to the “orange tier” and you need to reserve your time slot.

Let’s get rolling!

Open Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays with specific hours for adults and children. You have to reserve your time slot. On Saturday mornings there are also lessons.

All the information on their website, click here

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