Sponsored content – Relive the war that happened in the 70′ to save the Sausalito houseboats in the San Francisco Bay with Alexis Orand and Virginie Goubier’s video. MerciSF is not responsible for the elements contained in this article. 

San Francisco is one of the most visited cities in the United States. 25 million tourists a year come to breathe what is said to be different air. San Francisco is like no other. It is the cradle of the country’s cultural and political struggles.

Walking in its streets, crossing the hills with streetcars is a promise of escape.

For those who want to dive back into the atmosphere of the flower power, all they have to do is to cross the bay between mist and sun.

Cross the Golden Gate Bridge and enter the floating village of Sausalito. There, the fog does not pass the door. To the delight of the 300,000 visitors who invade the small seaside resort each year. A must-see with houses clinging to the hills, the water, the bay as a backdrop.

Sausalito hides a whole different story. In 1971, almost everything changed …

Alexis and Virginie, who are we? We are two film directors based in San Francisco with a common passion: telling stories! We produce documentaries for French TV channels and films for the companies of the bay with our company Backbone Production.

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