An exceptional location for exceptional talent! This is the auditorium of the Musée Guimet in Paris, and Jean-Paul Gasparian, a 25-year-old French pianist who has just been selected among the Revelations of the 2021 Victoires de la Musique awards.

We invite you to discover him in concert on Wednesday, January 20, 2021, at 7 p.m. Paris time. If the time does not suit you due to the time difference (noon PST), you will be able to listen to the entire concert again on the RecitHall platform which will let you join from the United States.
In the meantime, here is a portrait interview of Gasparian (link which allows you to get to know the artist.

Pre-pandemic, these concerts produced by the Pianissimes, gave rise to discussions and an after-party open to all. The format has been adapted and right now through the magic of the Internet and multiple cameras, these concerts are coming live to your home as if you were on stage or in the front rows. The broadcasting platform even offers you a chat so that you can give feedback or ask questions. A new way to approach a classical music concert.

Program: Sergei Rachmaninoff

  • Prelude op.32 n.10
  • Prelude op.23 n.4
  • Sonata n.2 Op.36 6
  • Musical Moments Op.16

Joining the event:
To benefit from the best audio/video quality, and to have the flexibility to watch in replay for 15 days, you can connect to the RecitHall platform (if you do not yet have an account, simply enter your email address and create a password).

You can also follow the live stream on the Pianissimes Facebook page which produces the concert. In both cases, a ‘virtual hat’ will allow you to pay a contribution according to your means and your desire to support the artists, who need it more than ever …

Why introduce you to Les Pianissimes? Simply because the Artistic Director, Olivier Bouley knows Silicon Valley well. After starting his career at Apple in Cupertino in the 90s, this music lover did a complete professional pivot to follow only his passion, music, and more precisely the piano.
He started Les Pianissimes in order to showcase young talents and have them play in unusual, intimate or simply exceptional places. Deprived of a “live audience”, the Pianissimes continue their mission by organizing recordings like that of Jean-Paul Gasparian in Guimet. Visit the Pianissimes website to discover the program for this year 2021.

We invite you to meet every month with live classical music concerts that take place in the auditorium of the Guimet Museum in Paris.

Merci Olivier

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