On Tuesday, September 8th, the LFSF Sausalito campus reopened all its classes (K-5).

The LFSF Concurrent Classroom project has been presented as a pilot to all French bilingual schools of the AEFE network through the USA and in Canada.

The LFSF hopes that the creativity demonstrated by its innovative team of teachers in crafting the new concurrent classroom concept will serve as a reference point for the other schools of the AEFE network.

Marin County is still defined as a “purple zone” by the State of California but some schools were given special approval to open. This is a real milestone for the LFSF and a relief for the 150 pupils who went back to school.

Marin’s health department decided to let the schools open as long as they completed a waiver and agreed to respect a very strict protocol: staggered campus welcome in the morning to prevent too many people arriving at once, tables 6 ft apart in the classroom, masks for children and teachers, no hot meals being taken on-site…

And the school has added an additional level of security by testing teachers and support staff once a month.

Despite all these precautions and the fact that the campus has classes that are all opening directly on an outside playground, few families have chosen to keep their children at home.

All kids have been offered to take courses online at the same time as the on-site classes. The Lycée Français de San Francisco (LFSF) has therefore implemented the concurrent classroom model.

(We were unable to go to the campus for obvious safety reasons … this video was provided by the LFSF)

For the teacher, this means taking into account the children who are remote while being physically present in the class. As explained in the video, it’s a challenge but so far, it seems to work fine.

We wish the Sausalito campus good luck, and seeing the happy faces of the children, we are delighted for them. In case our readers wonder… in the coming days, and in order not to close the classes due to poor air quality, the school will install air purifiers in all the classrooms.

Regarding the campuses that are located in San Francisco County, the LFSF refers to the pages of its site for more information.

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