giveawayCéline, the CEO of Homemuse is more than a music teacher.

Knowing that she studied at the Conservatory of Music of Metz (France) is certainly reassuring for parents looking for a music teacher as it’s a guarantee of expertise, but knowing that the selection made by Céline is systematic for each teacher, is even more important.

This young woman launched the online platform called Homemuse for music teachers. It regroups a broad variety of music teachers who can be hired for all types of music lessons but she only retains an average of one in eight candidate teachers! She judges the technical quality of the candidate checking their academics background, but she also asks for references, and if the feedback does not meet her criteria… Au revoir!

It is a kind of Airbnb for music teachers but with a strict selection of profiles upstream.

Once the teacher is referenced on the platform, he sets its price, its availability (no teacher depends 100% on Homemuse for a living), and can therefore teach both children and adults.

Céline Burnichon has developed a bonus system with encouragement stickers, and progress gauges to make everything more enjoyable for the students.

Having launched her business five years ago, she has managed to bring together about sixty music teachers from all over the United States. The Covid crisis has obviously given priority to online teaching, but Homemuse also does face-to-face when possible.

Here is a young woman who lives for her art but who was not afraid to lead an entrepreneurial adventure in parallel with her passion

Register to win one hour of free piano lessons with her! Children and adults welcome!

Good luck Celine, and MERCI!

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