“Dans la Tête d’un (e) Pro de la Silicon Valley” is a series of videos made by Julien Boubel, entrepreneur and investor living in the region for 15 years.

Coming from France with Gartner Consulting Group, he spent many years at Linkedin. Then he joined the start-ups world as business development manager and investor at Instabase, Forethought or TopFunnel. Julien is a Frenchman who has succeeded in the United States, but he is above all a Frenchman who loves Silicon Valley.

With his experience, and the breadth of his network, he decided to share with others what he understood and learned about this place over time.

Rather than writing yet an other “how to” book, he went to the source and has carried out a series of interviews with French professionals who, like him, succeeded.

You will find on MerciSF the miniseries “Dans la Tete d’un(e) Pro de la Silicon Valley ”. It gathers testimonials of entrepreneurs, product managers, venture capitalists, talent managers and even of the boss of BPI France in the USA. They talk about their professional experiences and try to explain the codes of Silicon Valley through their own background.

Whether you are a business owner, tempted by the Silicon Valley experience, students or simply curious to understand how such things work, this series will provide you with critical insights to better understand the eco-system. This place is often admired, sometimes criticized and operates according to its own codes. A “best practice” is not an over-used term, it will save you time.

MerciSF.com has teamed up with Julien to disseminate these fascinating testimonials. We suggest you start by listening to the short video (above) presenting the project with an interview by Barbara Meyer for MerciSF. This will set the tone.

All the interviews are conducted in French. Find them all here.

Do not hesitate to send us your comments at contact@mercisf.com

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