TechMeeting from Paris Region goes online.
The “as-a-Service” model has been popularized in the world of software, with Software-as-a-Service (or SaaS) businesses transforming the way we use technology.
It is now reaching the Real Estate industry with a concept known as Real Estate-as-a-Service (or REaaS).
This model is transforming the role of Real Estate companies, forcing them to become service providers and develop meaningful relationships with occupiers.
This webinar will help us understand how to leverage technology and new business models to provide the highest value for tenants while optimizing processes.
The webinar will start with a fire side chat with industry experts followed by a startup pitch session.
– Nikki Greenberg, Founder & CEO – Real Estate of the Future
– Tom Glendening, Founder – E3think
– Cindy McLaughlin, CEO – Envelope
– Tom Petit, Co-founder – Landis
Cameron Ravanbach, Account Manager – Measurabl
– James Wu, CEO – InnerSpace
Date: May 20th, at 9am PST

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