Mel’s Drive-in, the famous San Francisco diners, respecting the Shelter-in-Place order cannot have customers inside its restaurants so they came up with a new idea… more accurately, they recycled an old one!

They went back to their original model and are now serving you at your car with the famous “carhop” service. On Geary Boulevard or Lombard Street, pull up in the parking lot and stay in your car. A masked waiter will come to take your order and will deliver your food to your window.

american graffitti

George Lucas on American Graffiti movie set between an Impala and a 2CV

Exactly like in American Graffiti, the 1973 George Lucas’ movie that made the diners famous. Do not look for the Mel’s drive-in featured in the Lucas movie, it no longer exists (it used to be on Van Ness Avenue in San Francisco).

Current two locations in San Francisco, 3355 Geary Boulevard and 2165 Lombard Street.

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