SFBA Back To Business Network. Conference on cultural differences at work led by Lamya Alaoui CTO at CREDAS.

Dealing with cultural differences and language barriers presents many unique challenges that often leave people frustrated and confused. So how do you negotiate these differences and work effectively as a team?

The conference will cover the following topics:


  • When it comes to communication, language barriers are only part of the challenge. For example, different styles of conversation can lead to poor communication, create conflict, and alienate people.
  • What are the different styles of conversation, how do you recognize them and how to prevent communication conflicts?


  • Values ​​influence the way people interact with each other, but they are also what motivates people and can differ widely depending on the country of origin.
  • What role do values ​​play in motivation and teamwork and how can you find common ground among people of different cultures?

About the speaker: Lamya Alaoui professional journey has led her to form and lead teams for companies such as Bertelsmann, Orange, SFR, Intelcia, Groupon, Google and Microsoft. Her work focuses on optimizing performance and engagement through a better understanding of behavioral dimensions and motivators. She is a mentor to The Alchemist and Plug and Play accelerators, sits on the board of directors of the Women’s Club of Silicon Valley, and is also Advisor to Astia, a global non-profit organization whose goal is to ensure success women in high-growth start-ups.

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