The Carpenters Workshop gallery is located on the passageways of the former Saint Joseph church, restored and redecorated by the talented Ken Fulk and his Saint Joseph Arts Society, and that alone is worth the trip!

The Carpenters Workshop gallery is well known to the international of art collectors. Founded in London in 2006 by two Frenchmen Julien Lombrail and Loic Le Gaillard, the gallery is also present in Paris, New York and opened in San Francisco a little over a year ago.

The new exhibition “DRIFT: About Nature, Technology and Humankind” is a multimedia exhibition exploring the intersection of nature and technology and its interdisciplinary impact on modern life, presented from January 21 to April 30, 2020.

DRIFT: About Nature, Technology and Humankind seeks to identify and learn from the underlying mechanisms of the natural world in an effort to reconnect humanity to the environment it inhabits. At a time when environmental concerns are at the forefront, this exhibition brings together artists who, in the words of historian William Meyers, “make an effort to understand and materialize the nature of nature”. Anchored in the flagship works of Studio DRIFT, About Nature, Technology and Humankind will show how advanced technologies are used by artists to imitate existing natural phenomena such as flocks of birds or delicate dandelion flowers.

The Dutch artistic collective Studio DRIFT (Lonneke Gordijn & Ralph Nauta) presents 3 works:CarpenterWorkshopDrift2

– FlyLight: a site-specific exhibition, the largest ever installed with 15 panels and 300 “birds”
– Future Fragile III: the largest ever created by Studio Drift with 400 modules and 1,200 “dandelions”
– Video of the immersive work Franchise Freedom presented at Art Basel Miami in 2017

You have to go and see for yourself as the in-person experience is beyond words or description. No word can properly describe how FlyLight integrates so well in the church and how fascinating it is to observe the LEDs oscillate/dim randomly, like birds swarming.

dandelionNo word or image can accurately depict the lit dandelions of Future Fragile III, because the dandelions are real ones who have been processed and dried!! 

The exhibition also presents art pieces by Maarten Baas, Aldo Bakker, Sebastian Brajkovic, Johanna Grawunder, Joris Laarman, Mathieu Lehanneur, Robert Stadler and the Verhoeven Twins.


Dates: from January 20 to April 30, 2020
Address : 1401 Howard St, San Francisco
Monday-Friday from 10am to 6pm
It is advised to call before  415 626 1089

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