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Lamia Cuisine & Baking has more than one string to her bow.

Not only many Consulates of the San Francisco Bay Area use her culinary services for their receptions, but she also serves as a Private Chef for local businesses and individuals. And she offers Cooking Classes that are hosted at her place or at her customers location. She supports special events, team building…

Lamia cooking cateringBe warned! You will not find a menu posted on her site, because as Lamia claims, her cuisine is purely intuitive. It is very difficult to anticipate the arrival of some seasonal products on the market, so rather than dazzle a dish that she will not be able to serve, she prefers to work a seasonal menu in accordance with the preferences of her clients. 

She puts a lot of love into her dishes, as much as if she was hosting friends at home. She pays careful attention to ensure that your dinner or reception is exemplary. “Every customer is different, and I want to be in perfect adequacy with their expectations, according to the products available at this precise moment”.

Lamia uses exclusively organic ingredients, of very high quality and she does not compromise on the subject. When it comes to artificial colors, or products of uncertified origin, Chef Lamia says “NO”. This probably goes back to her nurse background; Before offering her culinary services in the Bay of San Francisco for 10 years now, Lamia had followed other profesional paths …

Life…and her love of cooking have resurfaced the day she had the opportunity to move to San Francisco, to start all over again with a lot of passion and humility.  

Lamia cooking cateringIt’s impossible to get salivated on an online menu, but Lamia confesses she has a weakness for Patisserie, and she can not resist the “Christmas buches”.

Every year, for the last 5 years, she has been offering fabulous buches with a choice of three flavors (chestnut-mandarin cream, lemon-yuzu lemon, chocolate-salted caramel). The décor is defined according to the inspiration of the moment … but beware, her production is limited.

If you want to feast with your buche, you have to pre-order as soon as possible, because when the planned number is sold, it’s over! She works a bit like an artist who would have decided to make a limited number of prints of her work. 

Whenever you feel like to, do not hesitate to contact Chef Lamia for her catering service, in her competence of private chef or for a cooking workshop with friends or colleagues.  Success guaranteed! 

Bon appétit

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