San Francisco is undoubtedly a city that promotes alternative means of travel to the car! The electric scooter services that have invaded our sidewalks in 2018 are a good example. But how to make a choice? Electric scooter to look so proud? Electric bike to ride the hills without sweating or skateboarding to look cool?

Electric scooters
From October 15th, 2019, you will be able to choose between four providers choosen by SFMTA: Scoot, Lime, Jump (Uber) and Spin (Ford). Skip has lost its license in San Francisco.
The color varies but the principle is the same: you download the app on your smartphone, enter the elements of your credit card and you are ready to roll!
– The scooters roll between 15 and 18 MPH
– The autonomy is about 20 miles
– You can locate them through the app
– You must put them back in some “areas” of the city
– It’s prohibited to ride on the sidewalks and throw scooter after use
– Please use bicycle paths or the roadway as a priority and park your vehicle without obstructing the movement of cars or pedestrians.

  • Security: It is highly recommended to wear a helmet. Jump offers you to get some at great prices. Go to their respective website to see their offers.

Electric Bikes
Two companies of electric bicycles share the road for the moment. The city has accredited FordGoBike (owned by Lyft) and a private company called Jump (aka Uber). Nothing very original in operation, except that FordGoBike has docking station (165 across the Bay) and is available in San Francisco, East Bay, and San Jose. You can use your Clipper Card to unlock your bike.
Tip: If you have to run a short errand and want to keep the same bike, you can pause it for 60 minutes. He will always be there when you want to take it back.

Electric skateboard
You will have to invest in your own electric skateboard because even if the city is at the forefront of shared means of transport, it has not yet gone on this ground.
Yet you will see a lot of them, especially at rush hour. Admire how users manage traffic, potholes, tram rails… with such a relaxed attitude.


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