Indian Summer is here, it’s clearly ice cream time. We share our best addresses of ice cream parlors in San Francisco Bay (in no particular order), from the small local producer to the new trendy concept.

SF Hometown creamery: the most local
Created by two brothers, this local shop on 9th av, in the Sunset was the FIRST to produce ice cream locally from beginning to end. We support the initiative of this small local business opened 4 years ago, and we take the opportunity to come back and enjoy their seasonal perfumes such as “La vie en Rose” for Valentine’s Day. Currently, it’s lavender-earl grey that is on top of the list.
Location: 1290 9th Avenue – San Francisco

 Ice Cream Bar: Americana at its best
A must-go place in Cole Valley, this ice cream bar opened by Juliette, will delight you with its old-fashioned ice creams in a fabulous vintage setting.
Location: 815 Cole St, San Francisco

Humphry Slocombe : the most creative
meilleures glaces San FranciscoA staple in SF with lots of collars with cool locals. The flavors list in itself is worth a trio there Elvis the fat years, Foie gras, Harvey Milk & Honey Graham …
Multiple locations: San Francisco, Oakland and Cupertino

Smitten: the nerdiest
With advanced manufacturing technique based on liquid nitrogen, Smitten is definitely the “techiest” ice cream, and also the creamiest … Made to order, in front of you, let yourself be tempted by chocolate. Little secret: if you are with your little ones, ask for the kiddie’s cup which is not displayed but which will be enough.
Locations: San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose…

Swensen’s: the most “oldie but goodie”
A go-to in San Francisco, and right on the cable car route
Address: 1999 Hyde st, San Francisco

loving cupLoving Cup: the healthiest?
Fro-yo for Frozen Yogurt or simply frozen yogurt … It’s less fat than a traditional ice cream, but still sweet. We are not so sure that it’s really better for your diet… but it’s good and original with its many ingredients to mix and toppings to add.
Locations: 2201 Union St, San Francisco & 2356 Polk St, San Francisco

 Let’s roll: the cutest
It is this ice cream that is spread on a frozen plate and that is shaped in small rolls, after adding the perfumes and ingredients of your choice. Fun to watch!
Location: 1152 Irving St, San Francisco

Garden Creamery: the most feminine
Created by Erin Lang, Garden Creamery is part of the women-owned businesses. Small batches with local ingredients, Garden Creamery features, in addition to classic flavors, Japanese influenced flavors.
Adrdess: 3566 20th St., San Francisco

milkbomb ice creamMilk Bomb: the most … explosive
Ice cream doughnuts taken to the next level
Address: 717 17th st, San Francisco (and Oakland soon)


Salt and Straw: the most… Portlandia
First opened by 2 cousins in Portland, OR, Salt and Straw now has multiple locations throughout the Bay Area. Will you taste their “September student inventors flavors series”, like the “Royal Butterfly”?
Multiple locations: San Francisco Pacific Heights, San Francisco Hayes Valley, Burlingame, Palo Alto

Bi-Rite Creamery: the most Bi-rite 😉
The  loooooong line at its Dolores Park location during the week end hot days does not scare off the hundreds of fans. Classic flavors, always refined and genuine as everything in Bi-rite. New vegan options available.
Adress 1: 3639 18th street, San Francisco
Adress 2: 550 Divisadero San Francisco un corner glaces chez Bi-Rite
Adress 3: 52 Grove St, San Francisco

Caravaggio: the most Italian
Address: 1797 Shattuck Ave (Delaware St.) Berkeley

CREAM: the “classic”
First opened in Berkeley, Cream expanded in other cities first, then in other states. super popular amongst the students
Multiple locations: Berkely, Alameda, Oakland

Tara’s Organic Ice Cream: the most organic
All the ingredients are organic and sourced from local producers
Address : 3173 College Avenue Berkeley + mobile trike in Oakland on the w-e

Feel free to share your recommendations by sending us your favorite at


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