This is a concern shared by many parents when it comes to send children to school. Do you enroll them in a foreign language school or in the American system?

We will not choose for you but there are many and flexible options to choose from:

  • Start in the French system from kindergarten and stay up to grade 12.. no problem, there are at least 5 or 6 solutions in San Francisco and around of the Bay including full curriculum at the Lycée Français de San Francisco.
    The French Consulate in San Francisco has posted a list of schools in the Bay to help you find your solution.
  • Start in the American system and then integrate the French system … Schools are used to this kind of move. We are in a country of migrants and everyone adapts.
  • Enter the American school system, stay put but keep developing their French language … the Bay has many solutions of extra-curricular activities, Summer camps, and after school programs that allow your children to develop their French skills.
    The non-profit association EFBA specializes in this type of activities throughout the Bay.

In any case, remember that children generally adapt easily to novelty.

Do not panic if they do not want to speak French outside of school, they probably undestand every thing without you noticing.

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