The San Francisco Municipal Railway called MUNI gathers all the public transportation available on the city of San Francisco and covers the lines of bus, the metro, the streetcars and the cable cars. It forms a network of public transports which evolves regularly to allow the greatest number to move around more easily.

Buy tickets
To give you an idea of ​​the price, as of January 1, 2019, a single trip for an adult in San Francisco costs $ 2.50. A ticket is valid for 120 minutes, so he can use his ticket for a period of 2 hours, for example from the subway to the bus.

The MUNI service tries to speed up the traffic of its means of transport by discouraging people from buying tickets from the drivers … By consequence, MUNI offers a reduction of several cents on each trip if you use:

  • the brand new app MuniMobile (iOS and Android). ONLY valid in the city of San Francisco
  • the Clipper card that is available online or at certain merchants whose addresses are indicated on the Clipper website.

Good to know:
– you can buy your ticket from the bus driver but you must have the exact change
– children (5 to 18 years), seniors over 65 and the disabled receive a 50% discount
– there are passes for 1 day, 3 days, 7 days and 1 month. Details on the SFMTA website.

Finding your way
The MUNI uses the Google Maps service to help you plan your trip. On the way.

Metro – These are 6 lines bearing letters J, K, L, M, N and T. They all go to Embarcadero and share the platforms; look closely at the letter on your train before getting in it. FYI, the direction to the city center is called “inbound” and the direction to go out of the city, “outbound”.
Note:  sometimes an S line appears on the platforms when the traffic is saturated and a line named Nx circulates early in the morning to unclog the line N. 

Streetcars – There are two streetcars lines, the E line that runs along Market Street and stops at Embarcadero and the F line that runs along Embarcadero. You will embark in cars that have different colors and come from other cities in the United States and even from Europe.

Bus – The bus network is dense and you will find a complete map on the MUNI website. Do not expect to find bus shelters at all stops… They are sometimes simply highlighted by a yellow paint on a street light with the bus number painted in black.

Cable Cars –  The only mobile historical monument in the world, the Cable Cars have a lot of appeal for tourists but are also used daily by San Franciscans. Three lines cross the city. You will find all the information on the SFMTA site.

Good to know – If you plan to go for a stroll in Park Presidio, you can use shuttles labeled “Presidio Go”. They will take you to the center of the park for FREE. Visit the site for schedules and lines.

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